Starting Here: A Selection of Distinguished Artists from UCSB


May 17-Aug. 10, 2014

Opening Reception:  June 27; 5:30-7:30 pm

The Art, Design & Architecture Museum, in association with the Department of Art and the College of Creative Studies at UC Santa Barbara, is proud to present a large-scale exhibition that celebrates the legacy and continued vibrancy of the Visual Arts at UCSB. Starting Here, will show the work of 48 artists who attended UCSB from 1950–2010. Through the artists’ works and experiences the exhibition will chart changes in art and the teaching of art on the UCSB campus, all the while highlighting the value of peer-to-peer and interdisciplinary learning. The exhibition will include book arts, ceramics, drawing, painting, performance, photography, printmaking, sculpture and video.

The exhibition will open in two phases and be installed throughout the Museum and in the College of Creative Studies Gallery. The first phase will include the work of 16 artists, representing a modest overview of the range of accomplished artists who have attended UCSB. This initial group will be augmented by an additional 32 artists in the second phase in June.

This exhibition has been curated by Elyse Gonzales, Curator of Exhibitions, AD&A Museum; Jane Mulfinger, Professor and Chair, Department of Art; and Kim Yasuda, Professor, Department of Art.

Starting Here has been generously supported by Lillian Lovelace.

Additional funding has been provided by the Summer Sessions Cultural Enrichment Grant, UCSB; the Department of Art, UCSB; University of California Institute for Research in the Arts (UCIRA) and the Office of the Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts. In-kind support has also been given by the College of Creative Studies; UCIRA; KCSB-FM; Media Arts and Technology (MAT); and the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center (IHC).

The AD&A Museum 2014 is supported by the Ceil and Michael E. Pulitzer Foundation.

Image: 1969 MFA Exhibition, UC Santa Barbara


Exhibiting Artists:

May 17–August 10, 2014

John Arvanites BA 1966 Art, MFA 1971 Art

Enrique Martínez Celaya MFA 1994 Art

Jud Fine BA 1966 History

Mary Heilmann BA 1962 English

Yoshiro Ikeda MFA 1977 Art

Suzanne Lacy BA 1967 Biological Science

Dinh Q. Lê BA 1989 Art

Miwa Matreyek College of Creative Studies, BA 2002 Art

Mary Miss BA 1966 Art

John Nava College of Creative Studies,BA 1969 Art

Harry Reese BA 1968 Political Science, MA 1971 Religious Studies

Ilene Segalove BA 1972 Art

Richard Serra BA 1961 English

Wolfgang Stoerchle MFA 1970 Art

Larry Sultan MFA 1970 Art

Mark di Suvero attended 1954–1955 Philosophy


*Artists who will be performing at

the opening reception or during the

course of the exhibition.


June 28–August 10, 2014

Jesse Alexander BA 1953 Political Science

Eric Beltz MFA 2004 Art

Hilary Brace MFA 1985 Art
Tiffany Chung MFA 2000 Art

Ann Diener MFA 2005 Art

Linda Ekstrom College of Creative Studies, BA 1982 Art, MFA 1996 Art

Macduff Everton College of Creative Studies, BA 1981 Art, MFA 1984 Art

Ming Fay MFA 1970 Art
Tom Fruin BA 1996 Art
James Gobel MFA 1999 Art

Penelope Gottlieb MFA 2004 Art

Theresa Hackett College of Creative Studies, BA 1977 Art

Joanne Hayakawa BA 1972 Art

Nathan Hayden MFA 2009 Art
Mary Heebner College of Creative Studies, BA 1973 Art, MFA 1978 Art
Garrick Imatani BA 1996 Art

Jerry Kearns BA 1966 Art

Dimitri Kozyrev MFA 2000 Art

Laura Krifka MFA 2010 Art
Joyce Lightbody College of Creative Studies, BA 1975 Art

Jay Lizo MFA 2005 Art

Ian McDonald MFA 2000 Art

Ander Mikalson BA 2005 Art

Christopher Miles College of Creative Studies, BA 1991 Art

Jennifer Parker College of Creative Studies, BA1991 Art
Hank Pitcher College of Creative Studies, BA 1971 Art
Halsey Rodman College of Creative Studies, BA 1995 Art
Adam Ross BA 1984 Art, MFA 1990 Art

Andrew Spence MFA 1971 Art

Hannah Vainstein College of Creative Studies, BA 2008

Leslie Wayne attended College of Creative Studies 1971–1973 Art

Stephen Westfall College of Creative Studies, BA 1975 Art & Literature,MFA 1978 Art


As you may already know, the Art, Design & Architecture Museum and the Department of Art at UCSB are mounting the exhibition Starting Here: A Selection of Distinguished Artists from UCSB which looks at the legacy and continued vibrancy of the visual arts on the University’s campus. There are far too many alumni artists to include all of them in this exhibition, but we still want to represent the breadth and depth of UCSB artistic talent. If you are an artist and alum of UCSB we encourage you to submit up to three JPEGs to a running loop of images that will be shown on a monitor in the exhibition.  Please see below for more information on the submission process and feel free to circulate this message; we are eager to have many Gauchos represented!

Plus, don’t forget to join us for the two openings we’ll be hosting to celebrate both phases of Starting Here:

May 16th, 5:30-7:30pm and June 27th, 5:30-7:30pm.

To submit your work to the slide show of images, which will play in the exhibition, you must do the following:  

1. Select three JPEGs of works of art you have made.  They should be no larger than 1920 x 1080 pixels; 72 dpi.

2. Include checklist information for all the images, listing the following in this format:

Your name

Title of the work, date [title should be in italics]



3. Include your year of graduation and major

4. Email your submission to:  artalumni@arts.ucsb.edu

*Please note, once submitted you won't be able to alter or edit your images or information.  We also reserve the right to not use any or all of the submitted images if they do not meet the parameters listed above or are questionable in any way.

Go Gauchos!!