Penelope Gottlieb: Against Forgetting, 2019

Event Date: 

Monday, April 1, 2019 - 12:00am
Ongoing outdoor installation
The AD&A Museum is pleased to announce the completion of an outdoor installation by painter and draughtswoman, Penelope Gottlieb (b. Los Angeles; MFA 2004 Art). Gottlieb is known for studying and depicting extinct native plants. At first glance her vibrant, cartoon-like images appear cheerful and happy. Her compositions, however, are more akin to epic battle scenes with native plant species often being subsumed by invasive, non-native ones. In Against Forgetting Gottlieb has drawn upon the history of the regional landscape to highlight some of these now extinct plants, all the while drawing attention to the wasteful and willful disregard contemporary society has exhibited towards the environment. This commission represents Gottlieb’s first outdoor installation and joins the Museum’s ongoing, open-air curatorial program that includes sculpture, murals, and events throughout the UC Santa Barbara campus.