In January 2018, the Art, Design & Architecture Museum, UC Santa Barbara (AD&A Museum, UCSB) partnered with impactmania and launched a unique collaboration. To cement this partnership, Paksy Plackis-Cheng, impactmania’s founder, was named Senior Fellow of Research and Media.

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Human Mind and Migration


An impactmania Creative Research Project and Cross-disciplinary Learning Program

University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)


The impactmania program Human Mind and Migration — in collaboration with the Art, Design & Architecture Museum, Neuroscience Research Institute, and Department of Religious Studies (UCSB) — consists of an interdisciplinary internship program and global partners to deliver a suite of interviews, interactive presentations, and performances.


Considering the present historical moment and the sociopolitical and environmental cocktail of issues related to migration — from the consequences of climate change to public policymaking such as forest fires; rising housing prices; and ongoing threats of human warfare — it is more urgent than ever to provide platforms for meaningful broad-based engagement to take place. We want to help translate and bring into sharper view the rich insights and knowledge being produced in more remote corners of the intellectual/artistic landscape, so that the 7 billion homo sapiens presently living (and migrating) on earth can imagine the most optimal and realistic future for themselves and the planet.


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Women of Impact

The AD&A Museum is partnering with online platform, impactmania, to develop a unique and ongoing collaborative series of exhibitions, events, and student internships related to some of the most pressing issues of our times. The inaugural topic and exhibition Women of Impact  highlights impactmania’s focus on women’s contributions to society.


Although most media would like us to believe that women have taken a backseat in driving cultural, social, and economic impact, impactmania has featured more than 130 female change-makers in 30 countries, including artists, ambassadors, impact investors, social entrepreneurs, scientists, and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Considering the current empowering spirit and the enduring equality issues raised by women, this theme is perfectly timed.


The exhibition at the AD&A Museum underscores some of the featured women’s contributions through audio/visual installations. Additionally, there will be opportunities for the public to add their own voice.


This exhibition is complemented with a panel discussion on July 19th that includes women featured in the book from eight U.S. Cities and five Continents!


Among them: Anne Smith Towbes, philanthropist; Jean Kilbourne, Women Hall of Fame inductee 2015; Teresa Herd, Intel’s vice president Global Creative Direction; Laura Jana, M.D., award-winning author; Aliza Shvarts; artist and scholar; Jodie Grenier, Marine Corps Veteran and executive director, Foundation for Women Warriors; Teresa Goines, executive director, Old Skool Café; Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree, CEO and Chair of Pacific Air Industries and philanthropist; Carla De Landri, former senior producer '20/20' and ABC News, Marla McNally Phillips, Theatre Producer, Miyoung Chun, scientist and entrepreneur, Thais Barros Beldi, Manager Strategy and Innovation, Facens University, from Brazil and Brittany Teei, Founder and CEO, KidsCoin from New Zealand.


Also attending: Masha Keating, artist; Laura Bialis, filmmaker; Alethea Tyner Paradis, founder and CEO, Peace Works Travel; Rachel Gloger, co-founder and Executive Director, SBTRAN; Diana Starr Langley, founder Dioptics Medical Products; Kimberly Foster, Co-Director BioEngineering Institute, UCSB; Georgina Miranda, mountaineer and CEO SheVentures (the Netherlands); Helene Scheider, former mayor of Santa Barbara; Laurie Ashton, Legal Counsel Nuclear Zero and was nominated as part of a team for the Nobel Peace Prize; and Yanling Duan; and founder OHDA and Bejing Design Week curator (China).


Join us, July 19th, from 5:30 - 7:30 pm (the 170th Anniversary of Seneca Falls) and learn more about women's work, challenges, and avenues to impact. 


This exhibition has been created by the founder of impactmania, Paksy Plackis-Cheng, with AD&A Museum interns: Zoe Crouzat, Haoran "Tyler" Jiang, Nicollette Juchum, Madeleine Lazarovits, Marirose Meyer, and Winston Braun.

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