Appearing from left to right:



Ellsworth Kelly (b. United States, 1923-2015)

Untitled (Gray State I), 1988

Lithograph, 18/84 

Gift of Marc Selwyn Fine Art, Beverly Hills



Dane Goodman (b. United States)

Urban, 1982

Polaroid SX-70 photographs, plywood

Gift of the artist


Artist statement: 

“Living in New York City in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I was working with an SX70 Polaroid camera and shooting photographs as well as making drawings, sculptures, and installations. Urban is a synthesis of sculpture and photography and was part of the installation, Rattle in the Hot Shop, featured in Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine.


I chose a universal image, a chair, and reduced it to its most basic form, and covered it with black Polaroids that show no image. In this way the Polaroids are not so much photographs as objects, and in this instance are used as tiles. The repetitive patterning of black Polaroid photographs makes them appear window-like, giving the chair an appearance similar to a skyscraper, like the Seagram building in New York City. In working this way, I negated the primary concept of photography to serve as documentation of the world around us.” 



Robert Rauschenberg (b. United States, 1925-2008)

Autobiography, 1968

Offset lithograph

Museum purchase in honor of Professor of Art History and Director Emeritus, E. Bruce Robertson by Todd Anderson, Chester Battle, Winston Braun, Sue and J.W. Colin, Mehmet Dogu, Michelle Faust, Jocelyn Gibbs, Elyse Gonzales, Leslie Gray, Judi Haskell, Victoria Hendler and David Broom, Stu and Joan Levin, Susan Lucke, Kris Miller-Fisher, John Nava, Charles and Betsy Newman, Silvia Perea and Juan Heras, Paksy Plackis-Cheng, Donald E. Polk and J. Paul Longanbach, Karen Prinzmetal and James West, Ceil and Michael Pulitzer, Sudi Staub, Lisa Thwing, Carol Vernon and Robert Turbin, Sandy  and David Wasco, Li Wen


This artwork was purchased with contributions from many community members to honor Professor of Art History and Director Emeritus, E. Bruce Robertson, on the occasion of his retirement. Robertson’s longtime admiration for artist Robert Rauschenberg prompted the purchase. The monumental triptych, which can be installed horizontally or vertically, is a self-constructed visual memoir, highlighting personal and professional moments in the artist’s life. In addition to “found” imagery, the upper panel shows an X-ray of the artist superimposed over a chart of his astrological sign. The central image depicts the artist as a youth, boating with his parents, and is encircled by excerpts about his career accomplishments. The lower register features Rauschenberg performing Pelican (1963), anchored by representations of New York and his hometown of Port Arthur, Texas.



Vasa Velizar Mihich (b. Yugoslavia, 1933)

#466, 1971  

Cast laminated acrylic

Gift of the Lynn K. Altman Family Trust



John Sonsini (b. United States, 1950)

Pedro from the Santa Barbara Project, 2007

Oil on canvas

Gift of John Sonsini