Reimagining African Religious Art

Click below to watch a short teaser video of Harmonia Rosales: Entwined with clips of Rosales's IHC Regeneration Artist Talk. Videotaped, edited, and produced by UCSB student intern Denise Shapiro for the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts. Follow @hfa_ucsb on Instagram.


Description: Afro-Cuban American artist Harmonia Rosales recently gave a talk hosted by UCSB’s Interdisciplinary Humanities Center about her exhibition "Entwined," in which she combines aspects of classic Renaissance religious painting with that of the Yoruba religion originating in West Africa. Her work highlights orishas, African deities, and their role in Black and Latinx history.

Please visit the exhibition page for Harmonia Rosales: Entwined to learn more, and to watch the artist talk and other associated programming.