M.O.N.E.T. Educational Outreach Day

In close partnership with the Art, Design, and Architecture Museum and the History of Art and Architecture Department, the Museum Student Organization aims to forge a deep and lasting attachment between underrepresented youth groups and cultural institutions while providing a gateway to higher education through accessibility and inclusivity. The Museum Outreach Network Educating Teens (M.O.N.E.T.) is an initiative geared towards inviting high school aged students (particularly sophomores and juniors as a target group) from Carpentaria High School to spend a day on the UCSB Campus. Invited students will explore the AD&A Museum and meet undergraduate Museum interns, art history graduate students, museum leaders, and art history faculty. M.O.N.E.T. participants will also attend workshops conducted by EAOP staff along with their pre-college partners to present an overview of financial aid and scholarships, A-G Requirements, the four systems of higher education in CA, and college eligibility and preparation. In addition, M.O.N.E.T. participants will learn about pre-college programs and services at their school. Through these insightful experiences, the M.O.N.E.T. program will give teens room to rise, an outcome contributing broadly to the world of creative teen development, instilling an enduring value of the humanities, and carving a clear path towards accessibility and success in higher education and beyond.

Register for the event here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdtjVxbW-TKANVNV4kughSySPpcwVp471NWdlVcXMnthT_rPQ/viewform

For more information or questions, email the M.O.N.E.T. program at monetucsb2019@gmail.com