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R.M. Schindler
(b. Austria, 1887-1953)

Skolnik Chair, ca. 1950

Plywood and fabric
Gift of Patricia Gebhard

Rudolph M. Schindler designed this dining chair for the Skolnik House (1950-52) in Los Angeles, Calif. The wide planes of the chair nearly disappear from certain viewpoints. Its most powerful characteristic is the thin, yet wide sheet of plywood that dynamically stretches from the very top of the back to its base, only pierced by a hole where one can slip in a hand to grip and move the chair. This strong diagonal echoes the spatial complexity of its original setting in the Skolnik House. Yet the chair’s integration into the total environment is at odds with its structural instability. The seat is only supported by a small, slender triangular piece, which proves to be visually, physically, and psychologically uncomfortable for the beholder.